Thin film lithium niobate provides the next generation of optoelectronic integration platform

Broad bandwidth, low loss, and low power consumption

About Us 

Jiangsu Nanlitai Technology Co., Ltd. Was founded in March 2023 and is located in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. The founder of the company has been engaged in the research of thin film lithium niobate micro/nano devices for a long time, mastering the key process of thin film lithium niobate etching. Through their own intellectual property rights in large linewidth coupling design, they have overcome low-cost mass production processes. The company closely cooperates with key partners in the optical communication and sensing industries, aiming to design and develop lithium niobate electro-optic modulation chips, active optoelectronic devices, and other products suitable for different fields. It hopes to promote the needs of the international market. The company has received significant project support from Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute in the lithium niobate modulator project.

We firmly believe that people is the core asset of a company and look forward more experts to working with us. The company team is young, proactive, full of vitality, with flat management, results oriented, and a harmonious atmosphere.

We look forward to your joining.

Product Display

  • Low dimensional semiconductor optoelectronic devices integrated with surface aco

  • C+L band dual polarization coherent modulator chip

  • Broadband intensity modulator chip

  • 6-inch wafer

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Ms. Jialu Lu


Address: Room 705, Building 15, Zilang Science and Technology City, Nantong Development Zone, Jiangsu Province

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